"Recognizing Service
the Opportunity to Serve"

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The objectives for which the College was established are:

  1. To advance the art and science of dentistry for the health and welfare of the public internationally.
  2. To encourage postgraduate study and research in the field of dental science and cognate subjects.
  3. To endeavor to bring together outstanding members of the dental profession of the world for the purpose of fostering the growth and diffusion of dental knowledge and to encourage an exchange of good will among members of the profession.
  4. To cultivate and foster cordial relations among those engaged in the profession of dentistry and other health professions.
  5. To operate with dentists and various organizations for the prevention and control of oral disorders.
  6. To preserve and elevate the dignity of the profession by enjoining all members to maintain the highest ethical standards and professional conduct.
  7. To perpetuate the history of dentistry.
  8. To recognize conspicuous service to the profession and provide a method of granting Fellowship in the College.
  9. To encourage and support projects of a humanitarian nature.
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